Just in case anyone hasn’t read the actual assault on Twitter, here’s a ‘nice’ excerpt. This is not safe for work, children, or anyone triggered by abusive language.

“You disagree with this woman, so you throw away centuries of activism? You are the reason I hesitate before I call myself a “gamer” for fear of the stigma that may descend upon me. Not because it connotes geekyness or a taboo culture, but because of people like you; ignorant, bigoted children trapped in adult bodies who honestly believe that a video game is worth debasing another human being over.”


Anyone interested in some of the problems with gaming and women should see this, as it’s a great example of the real problems we are facing now.

People who have been bashing Jennifer Hepler are fucking assholes.  Seriously pathetic wastes of oxygen.  Your misogynistic campaign against her is disgusting and, in every possible way, unjustified.

Bullying is bullying.  It’s never okay.  I don’t care if you think her writing is bad, that doesn’t warrant those comments.  Especially when they were just absurd, misogynistic, homophobic responses to allegations that she was writing a coming out story into Mass Effect 3.  You know, a title she’s in no way connected with.

Jennifer, you’re an awesome writer.  I’ve loved all the games you worked on, and the writing was a massive reason why.  I don’t need you to be someone who loves games, I need you to be someone who loves writing—that’s your job, not gaming, and you are definitely talented.  Don’t let these haters make you think otherwise.

Keep writing—so many of us deeply appreciate your work.  And there’s no better way to stick it to these assholes than by continuing to be a successful women in games development!

(via kingofbards)